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free falling


I’ll be posting new gifs/edits here @ http://theshipperheart.tumblr.com. It’s going to be my main blog though, so it’s going to have a bit of everything, it hard for me to manage more than 1 blog i find so yeah xD

And also part of it is because I lost alot of my dramas and pics after my harddrive crashed recently and I just kind of want to start fresh….

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itsjustfanny said:
hey, I loved your tumblr :D

awwwww thank you! <3

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Big - Episode 2

Gong Yoo’s Kyungjoon is so precious <3 Is it just me or does he kinda remind anyone of Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes? His expressions are daebak!


I love how the vice principle and the teacher had to follow them and see, hahaha xD 

Boys Over Flowers

Boys Over Flowers

heechullkim said:
i have watched around 4 WGMs....i want to watch more, can you recommend one to me?

Which one’s have you already watched?

Hmmm to be honest, I never finished all the episodes of any couple before (never really found the time, hopefully one day…xD) and it’s been a while since i’ve seen them but the ones I enjoyed were…

Andy & Solbi - Original WGM Couple, I remember just really adored them when WGM first came out, they were really cute together, I always couldn’t wait to watch their subbed cuts. One word I would use to describe this couple would probable be adorable.

 I reckon the original couples are usually the best, I remember Kang Sora said her favorite WGM couple was Alex/Shinae, to me they were cute, I found them to be too overtly romantic and sweet, so I couldn’t watch it, I guess it felt cheesy? xD

Jun Jin & Lee Si Young - I know they weren’t a popular couple on the show but ironically they became a real life couple and dated for a few months. Even before that though, I loved how awkward they were together at first. Lee Si Young’s great, her personality and how tomboyish she is, she loves Gundam haha xD They would argue and stuff, their personilities kinda clashed but they felt really real. There were definitely sparks and I guess that’s why they really started dating. One word I would use to describe this couple would probable be real.

Jokwon & Ga In - They have great chemistry and were hilarious together. Jokwon is gold, I love the way he sang to wake her up lmai, it gets me every time. One word I would use to describe this couple would probable be charming.

Yonghwa & Seohyun - I also really adored them. They’re interactions are amusing to watch. They are awkward together at first but it’s cute and sweet. One word I would use to describe this couple would probable be innocent.

Leeteuk & Kang Sora - Most recent WGM couple that I watched and loved. I swear Leeteuk is seriously attracted to Sora, the way he goes red and smiles around, I’ve never seen him smile like that or turn that red before WGM xD I love the things he does for her, especially one time during the christmas special, he tells her to feel free to say anything or something along those lines. Also, I don’t know if it’s just me being biased but I swear there is some sexual tension going on xD The Super Junior in laws are fun to watch as well! One word I would use to describe this couple would probable be endearing.

Hope that helps?

I just realized at least one person for each pairing is in a group, I’ve always enjoyed when they invite their group members to hang out with them and stuff.

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